Winter at our place

The Czech republic is the place to be for an active winter holiday, since it is the location with the most mountains and ski pistes. The highest mountain is 1602 meter, and there is always snow in winter. For snowboarders, skiers and cross country skiing the Czech republic is a very good and beautiful sports area to go to.

Next to our hotel there is a great place to learn skiing and in 5, 10 or 15 minutes you can visited a lot of great ski pistes, for either beginners or advanced level. There are several ski lifts and ski-schools for beginner and advanced skiers, which are about 200 meter away from our hotel. If you notice how many pistes we have, you surely will also notice that there are opportunities enough to learn skiing on our blue and green pistes, and to do skiing in an advanced level from our black, red or off-piste. You can also use the touristic routes for cross-country skiing. Like in summer for the Nordic walkers and mountain bikers, the Czech republic has got a lot of tourist and none tourist routes; there are routes for both beginners as well as advanced cross country skiers. A snow holiday in this area will guarantee you of beautiful, snow-white mountains where you can go skiing in a white, fairytale forest.